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The Community and Us!

Girl Scout Troop 64099 chose our Center to help earn their Silver Award. Chloe, Gianna and Reese learned a lot and also gave a lot. Part of their project consisted of learning how to help wildife, preparing travel kits, making squirrel houses and creating the website on the link below! 

Due to their age, we are not naming them but we want them to get the recognition they deserve. Please click on their website and watch their videos. One of the goals is to make the community aware on how to help and get help for wildlife!

We, the Troop and the Center, would love you and your children to check their website. Watch with your children the great video these girls made on how to help wildlife. Children can make a difference! These girls did! Click on the image below to go to their website!

Screenshot 2020-11-27 200815.png
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