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Becoming a Licensed Wildlife Rehabber

Recruitment of Future Rehabbers

Intake Session

By talking with you during our intake session, we can give you your options of volunteering or becoming a wildlife rehabber according to your personal life situation. Our intake session lasts about an hour.  You will need your phone, Internet, FB and FB messenger.


Study materials and hints on how to get get ready are provided. Information on registration for mandatory workshop and test are given. Opportunities to connect with a mentor are provided. Please click on the button below to fill out an intake!


You will be able to join a private FB group to communicate with other rehabbers and future rehabbers like you. Articles and workshops will be offered in this group to help you learn more. Sharing of ideas and knowledge on rehabbing will also be available. Being in a group with like minded folks gives one strength during the hard moments.

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Support to Future Rehabbers and New Rehabbers

During the future rehabber's process of getting their license, we are  there to help with any hiccups or questions they may have. We help them connect with mentors and assist them to prepared for rehabbing on their own.


We assist them getting supplies and cages from donations we receive. We also connect them with resources they can apply for; incubators, nests, fur hammocks, etc.

We are hoping to grow so that we may also offer assistance with becoming a non-profit to interested rehabbers and help them create their own websites.


Awareness of Licensed Rehabbers

Making our communities aware of the illegality of possessing wildlife and harm to wildlife, the  existence of licensed wildlife rehabbers, and how to help them either by becoming one, volunteering or donating to them.


Without You, We Can't Help!

Without your donations, our Center would not exist to help future rehabbers and new rehabbers as they start their journey. Please check how you can volunteer or donate on our Help Us page.

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