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HELP for Wildlife!

Rescue, Reunite, Raise, Rehab, Release

At Claws N Paws Rehabilitation Center, we are dedicated to helping wildlife in distress. We have several ways for you to contact a licensed wildlife rehabber. Please use as many as possible listed below since time is of essence. 

Before you do anything....please follow these steps:


2.  Using gloves, a towel, a piece of cardboard or other item, move the animal into a box or carrier so it is contained.

3. Keep it warm by using a warmer; heating pad under half of the box, hand warmer/hot water bottle wrapped in a shirt, a rice filled sock microwaved, etc.

4. Place container in a quiet area away from your pets and children. The noise will stress them out.

We understand that you may be frustrated to get help and worried about the animal. Our VOLUNTEER rehabbers are busy at their jobs, personal, and family commitments besides taking care of the wildlife they already have. Transportation and donations are appreciated!

Add Us to Your Facebook

Quick Way to Reach Many Rehabbers

Please add us to your Facebook as a friend and inbox us that you have a distressed animal. After we have added you, please post on our wall pics (helps us identify species, age and condition), situation (how did you find it and why do you think it needs help), location (town/city) and your cell number.

Please put your cell number so a licensed rehabber will call you. If they are not on your FB friend list, you will not get a message from them on your FB Messenger.

After you have posted, we will share this with a group of rehabbers. You will see a comment of "Shared with the Corner." We will also tag some rehabbers. This is only the first way to get help! Please do the other two steps.

Click on the photo below or search Rose Morals on Facebook to start your post. Our FB will look like the photo below.

Screenshot 2023-01-04 201451.png

Google "distressed wildlife DEEP"

State Site Providing Info and Lists of Rehabbers

The site below is provided by The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection of Connecticut. It will give you information according to the category of the animal that needs help. It will also give you a list of rehabbers.


Please call all of the rehabbers on the list according to the animal you need help with. Please repeat your telephone number twice as you leave a message. 

Click on the photo below to take you directly there or google "distressed wildlife DEEP and you will find the page there. It will look like the photo below.

Help from Animal Control Officers

Please click on badge pic for list of Animal Control Officers by City/Town. If unable to reach ACO, please call your local police department for emergencies. 

ADULT Rabies Vector Species (RVS - foxes, raccoons, skunks) CAN NOT be rehabbed by licensed rehabbers. "Because of the potential threat of rabies, current policy does not allow for the rehabilitation of adult or sickly, raccoons. If a raccoon is stumbling, staggering, walking in circles, dragging a limb or the hind end, or if it is acting strangely (approaching people or pets in an aggressive manner) never attempt to handle the animal. Call your local Animal Control Officer, Police Department or DEEP Dispatch (860-424-3333) immediately to get assistance." DEEP

ADULT Deer - "Rehabilitating an injured, adult deer is prohibited due to the potential dangers to humans and to the lack of success in trying to confine an adult deer for long term care. If an injured adult deer is found and cannot move off on its own, contact the local Police Department or DEEP (860-424-3333) for assistance." (DEEP)

ACO Badge.jpg

Google "home CWRA"

User Friendly Website

This site was created by a group of licensed wildlife rehabbers. Very informative and provides a list of rehabbers. 

Please call all the rehabbers on the list you have not called from the DEEP site above according to the animal you need help with. Please repeat your telephone number twice as you leave a message. Not all the pages are constructed.

Click on the photo below to take you directly there or google home CWRA and you will find the page. It will look like the photo below.

cwra home screenshot.png
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